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Who was Bathsheba?

Bathsheba was the eighth wife of King David. She married him after the death of her husband, which David had arranged due to their adultery and her resulting pregnancy. Her story is found in 2 Samuel 11-12.

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Chapter One of Bathsheba: A Novel: Read here.

Jill’s research for The Wives of King David series was broad and in-depth, spanning Bible commentaries, Bible encyclopedias, Bible dictionaries, archaeological magazines, books on manners, customs, and life and times of the Old Testament eras. She searched websites for Bible places, Hebrew words, and interesting tidbits, studied maps and photos of Israel, made idea boards where she “cast” models and actors into the novel’s starring roles to help her “see” her characters, read books on women of the Bible, Bible cookbooks, and tried some of the recipes. As a final research tool, she traveled with her husband to Israel, giving her a final hands-on feel for the place.

Besides those books already listed on Michal’s and Abigail’s pages of this site, here are a few more resources to help get you started doing your own research into biblical times:

1. Atlas of the Bible Lands (I used an earlier out-of-print version.)

2. Eyewitness Books Bible Lands (I used an earlier version.)

3. Really Bad Girls of the Bible

4. The Israeli Birding Website

5. Map of Ancient Israel

6. City of David (website)

7. Women in the Bible-Bathsheba (website)

8. Who Were the Hittites? (website)

9. Trees in the Land of the Bible (website)

10. Henna (website)

11. Jewish Women’s Archive (website)

12. Cooking With the Bible (website)

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